Application Schedule


Due Date October 1 2018 - Phase 1 - Application System Requirements

  • The Application system will address the internal requirements of the organizers to:
    • 1.) Capture applicant information using this prototype Google form. Note: Current location should be a drop down menu.
    • 2.) The form will be a subdomain and linked into the website.
    • 3.) The form data should be posted to any datastor the developers have chosen. The data must be available with regular updates in Google sheets format for the application evaluators to review and select and reject applicants.
  • Go (as a language for a Cloud Ready Apps)

Due Date November 1, 2018 - Phase 2 Acceptance and registration

1.) When the application evaluators will accept an applicant a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant. @Maria will create the letter. Included with the letter will be a link to the hackathon release form. The accepted participant will be directed to sign and upload the the release. Here is how the release can be signed using adobe reader.

2.) Include an add to calendar widget for Google, Outlook, iCal and Yahoo.

3.) Updates of uploaded releases will be reported and available to the outreach and application team.

4.) When the participant accepts the release, they will be added to the hackathon github using the github API and will be notified.

Due Date: December 1, 2018 - Phase 3 (a) Registration and badging System

1.) Name data will be reported in a format for printing badges. @Jenna will designate the format.note: we will need printed badges for organizers, volunteers, judges, mentors and workshop leads. The data for these will be collected elsewhere.

2.) Registration staff will have the ability to check someone in to the hackathon using a browser interface or mobile app. Both web and mobile are not necessary.

3.) Registration staff can add participants at the registration desk.

Due Date: December 15, 2018 - Phase 3 (b) Team registration and Judging

1.) On the evening of Thursday January 17, 2019, teams will be formed and registered. The team leader will be designated so that he or she can be notified via email, slack and SMS. In addition the team members on each team will be recorded.

2.) the team’s work area will be identified.

3.) A participant can only join one team, but with the approval of the hackathon committee the participants can change teams.

4.) Team names and team members will be exported for judging.

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