Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, January 17

Day 1

The hackathon starts with a full day of enabling workshops. Design, development, and platform talks by experts and code labs, and talks by domain experts prepare participants to compete. During the workshop day, sponsors and participants interact at sponsor tables situated in the high-traffic area

Team Formation

Team formation follows dinner and inspirational talks. The unaffiliated 400 participants distill into teams of five or fewer through a process designed to expose the best project ideas and convene teams with the capabilities to create impactful demonstrations of meaningful, immersive ideas.The hackathon begins as each team coeleces on a core concept, registers with the judges, and starts implementing their idea.

Friday January 16

Day 2

Ideate, create, code

Saturday January 19

Day 3

Ideate, create, code

Sunday January 20

Day 4
Finish building

Pencils down at 2:00 PM, Judging begins

Monday January 21

Day 5
Awards Ceremony

Pencils down at 2:00 PM, Judging begins


Insider Expo Hackathon community expo – hackathon insider stroll through the 70 – 80 hackathon projects

Public Expo