Reality NOW Symposium at the Reality Virtually Hackathon

Jan 21, 2019. 11:30am to 5pm

Organized by Scott W. Greenwald, Ph.D., and Justin Berry
Co-Produced by the Reality Virtually Hackathon and the Yale Blended Reality Project

The Reality Virtually Hackathon explores what is possible to construct NOW! Within a period of three days, what VR and AR solutions can be conceived, designed, and implemented? After the hacking is done, Reality NOW is a one-day symposium that expands on the question of "what is possible in 3 days?" and asks "what is possible in 3 years?". The symposium adopts the same constructive approach, inviting participants form teams and ideate on what they could accomplish over the course of a 3-year hackathon starting… NOW. The mission of the Reality Virtually Hackathon is educational, creative, and entrepreneurial -- providing a setting for intensive learning, out of the box thinking, possibilities for follow-up, and options for putting these new skills into practice through future endeavors-- academic, artistic, and commercial. For the Reality NOW symposium, we focus on the educational, experimental, and creative aspects -- recognizing these areas as unique to this event. The audience for the event includes hackathon mentors, judges, and invited guests. For some, it will provide an opportunity to reflect on the hackathon and ways to make it even better next year; while for others, it will be used as an opportunity to invent new forms of community engagement in immersive computing. Attention will be given to capturing our ideations in a form suitable for sharing, and awards will be given using a "people's choice" voting process.