Reality Virtually Hackathon will run on Alienware


Reality Virtually Hackathon will run on Alienware

Alienware is shipping a couple dozen beefy systems on loan to the hackathon. These machines are built to drive high-end headsets that will also be available for hackathon participants to check out for the hackathon. This is going to be an amazing experience for teams building with HTC and Oculus.

Alienware is a leader in powering a virtual reality. Alienware PCs are designed and tested to provide the best experience possible for VR. From high-end processors, graphics and memory components, to thermal and quality standards that exceed the competition, Alienware PCs are purpose built.

Alienware’s in-house validation of every VR config ensures the best experience, no matter which headset or VR hardware you choose. We make it easy to find the right PC for your reality through our “Ready for VR” branding.

VR branded systems go through rigorous rounds of testing, including industry benchmarks, before being labeled as “Ready for VR”. Alienware works together with top VR hardware suppliers in the industry to ensure compatibility and seamless functionality. Whether you need the portability of a notebook or prefer a desktop, you can count on Alienware PCs to deliver on the performance, quality, and reliability that has made Alienware a leader today.

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