Magic Leap to Sponsor Reality Virtually Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab


Magic Leap to Sponsor Reality Virtually Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab

Magic Leap is sponsoring the 2019 Reality Virtually Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab from January 17—21, 2019.

Through this sponsorship, Magic Leap will help interdisciplinary teams build original work for Magic Leap One Creator Edition. As it enters its third year, the Reality Virtually Hackathon builds on its reputation for fielding many diverse teams of pioneering individuals that stretch the limits of immersive technology and extend our understanding of how immersive technology can be applied.

In 2018, Magic Leap launched Magic Leap One Creator Edition and expressed a deep commitment to supporting developers and creatives.

Through flagship events like L.E.A.P. Conference as well as co-hosting the AT&T Mixed Reality Hackathon, Magic Leap invites its community hands-on opportunities to understand and build for its platform.

Magic Leap’s sponsorship of the Reality Virtually hackathon is a continuation of its grassroots initiative to provide a personal, in-depth guide to producers, designers, and developers.

Magic Leap Creator Edition targets a wide range of designers and developers with spatial computing skills or the desire to start creating for this new medium. Select teams will be able to check out the spatial computing technology and explore it as the platform for their projects.

Magic Leap will be bringing hardware and peripherals for teams who wish to hack on the Magic Leap One. Furthermore, Magic Leap engineers and designers will be on-site to teach workshops on how to design and build content for the Magic Leap One, including a session that focuses on integrating Magic Leap with industry-standard tools. Participants can ask specific questions about how Magic Leap One, APIs and development environment work together. Throughout the hackathon programming session, Magic Leap expert mentors will be available to help teams to ideate, refine project design, and understand how to build for Magic Leap One.

Teams can avail themselves to the company’s online learning resources during and before the hackathon. Registered hackathon participants can get started by visiting Magic Leap’s Creator Portal at

Stay tuned for more news on Magic Leap’s participation at the Reality Virtually Hackathon as well as workshops and potential prizes for the best use of the Magic Leap Platform.

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