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Join the MicroSoft Mixed Reality Team at the 2019 Reality Virtually Hackathon

The Microsoft Mixed Reality team is excited to return to the Reality Virtually Hackathon! Microsoft and the Mixed Reality team have a long history of supporting hacks such as this, starting with our initial round of HoloHacks, followed by supporting many community and educational hacks as this industry has grown and matured.

With the ever evolving landscape of Mixed Reality, we are often left in awe of the amazing things that happen when you get the right people, with the right ideas, the right equipment, and the right passion into a room and unleash them on this crazy medium where we can bend and stretch, and even break the rules that ground us in the real world.

As part of our continuous effort in supporting a diverse community of creators, the team will be attending the hackathon to teach best practices for creating experiences with OpenVR and Mixed Reality Toolkit.

Microsoft will also be supporting the hackathon with mixed reality hardware so every team and attendee has an opportunity to prototype their ideas.

Learn more about Microsoft Mixed Reality here: Don’t forget to register for our developer program, which gets you the latest updates on mixed reality and special offers here:

Meet our Mentor:

Jesse McCulloch is a Mixed Reality Developer Relations Program Manager at Microsoft. Starting as a Mixed Reality Developer in 2016, he built up a strong community around HoloLens and Immersive Headsets, and then joined Microsoft in 2018.

This gives him a very unique perspective and strong desire to advocate strongly for the developers who are supporting the platform.

He is often found hanging out in the HoloDevelopers Slack group, and on Twitter trying to keep up with everything going on in this rapidly growing space.

Come to our Workshop: OpenVR, Mixed Reality Toolkit, and you

As many people are aware, the Immersive headsets that run on the Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform are capable of running the many of the same apps as the HoloLens, due to a shared api surface.

However, many people are not aware that you can also write OpenVR applications that work on them as well. This allows you to write an app or game that supports multiple platforms, and other channels of distribution.

Taking this a step further, Microsoft and the community have been working on a new version of the Mixed Reality Toolkit that allows you to create apps for multiple platforms.

Through the use of profiles, we keep your scenes clear of the plumbing so you can focus on creating the content of your app, and not all the extra stuff that makes it work.

Join us as we give you an intro to where to get the tools, how it’s all structured, and the basics for getting started.

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