Invitation to the Greater Boston Medical Community...


Invitation to the Greater Boston Medical Community to participate in the Reality Virtually Hackathon

The Reality Virtually AR/VR hackathon at the MIT Media Lab invites members of greater Boston’s healthcare and medicine community to apply to participate in the hackathon. The healthcare and medicine category has produced innovative submissions during the last two hackthons. The hackathon organizers’ goal is to reach deeper into the healthcare and medicine community to increase the number of participants in this category.

Learn the latest in AR/VR technology, collaborate on groundbreaking new projects and work with state-of-the art loaner gear during the Reality Virtually Hackathon from January 17-21 at the MIT Media Lab.

Who should attend?

Doctors and and other professionals who envision AR and VR as a solution to a scientific, healthcare and/or medical problem, who could join as a domain expert to build a team to prototype this solution.

Engineers, scientists, designers and software developers working in the healthcare and medicine community who want to apply their skills as particpants on interdiciplanary teams to create original and innovative work.

Healthcare and medical innovation executives, the hackahton with 80 teams is a wonderful place to investigate AR/VR and to crowdsource new ideas and innovation.

Healthcare and medicing developers and designers who want access equipment. The hackathon will have HTC Vive Pros, Magic Leap, Oculus Rift and Google ARCore headsets and devices to loan. Dell Alienware are shipping beefy machines to drive the headsets.

On the first day of the Hackathon January 17, three tracks of workshops will run concurrently on imporant topics ranging from software design and development using Unity, PTC Vuforia and Studio, to building with Holens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google ARCore and general workshops on advanced topics like AR interaction design.

People with talent and passion should apply. It is not essential to have had experience building AR/VR projects.

The hackathon is a five-day learning experience designed to deepen our understanding of how immersive technologies can be applied to solve real-world problems. The participants will be 50% students and 50% working practitioners.

The event will bring together 400 participants to Cambridge where they will form interdiciplanary teams and develop innovative and original applications in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Learn more and apply today at

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